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Acu-Laser therapy, like other combination therapies, provides an additional way of moving Qi which may shorten your overall treatment need and lengthen the time between treatment. Our protocol is the same; we ask you questions, look at your tongue, feel your pulse and devise a treatment based on  pattern diagnosis

New Patient Acu-Laser Therapy  $135 single session
Returning Patient Acu-Laser Therapy $90 single session

Acupuncture with Laser or Laser with Acupuncture lens

 New Patient Series: Free consult
 Returning Patient Series
4 Package Series                                        $360
4 Package Series                                         $320
6 Package Series                                        $540
6 Package Series                                         $490
10 Package Series                                      $855
10 Package Series                                       $810  

Photo Laser therapy provides a gentle Qi movement and deep level healing using the cold super-pulsed laser and light therapy combined with massage or guasha; without needles or lenses. Photo therapy requires a
commitment to multiple treatments in a short period of time to receive the full benefit of therapy. 

Week 1: 3 treatments ( daily or every other day)
Week 2: 2 treatments (daily or every other day) 
                        Week 3: single treatment

      Ala carte treatments as needed after week 3 or portable device may be rented for home use
                                           Initial treatment $105  Repeat treatments $50

 6 Treatment Commitment package-includes initial treatment