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Frequently Asked Questions-Acupuncture
What does acupuncture feel like?
Acupuncture needles are solid and thin, like a human hair, and often painless to the patient. Once in place, you may feel a tingling or heavy sensation where the needles are, or you may feel nothing. Most patients enjoy their treatment and find it very relaxing. Afterwards, you may feel very relaxed or energetic and invigorated. Each person has a different response to the needles.
How long will the treatment session(s) last?
Your first visit will be the longest, as we will be gathering a substantial amount of information, i.e., a Western medical and medication history as well as our Eastern 10 questions. Be sure to bring any information that may be helpful in understanding the history of your condition. All information is used to provide you with an individualized treatment that first session to optimize your response and results. Follow up treatment sessions will last approximately one hour. Once needles are placed in any session, you will rest with them for 20 minutes.
What other modalities are provided beside acupuncture?
Services in addition to acupuncture may include external liniments, cupping or guasha and Chinese bodywork (Tuina). Chinese herbal formulas, diet and exercise suggestions may also be offered. During your initial session at Best Health Option, you will receive a basic nutritional consult created specifically for your needs.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments vary depending on the severity of your condition. Many patients experience dramatic results with the first treatment, but some chronic conditions may require several treatments to balance the body and provide long lasting effects.  
What should I do to prepare for my treatment?
Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Make sure you have eaten within at least 3 hours of your treatment time. Be sure to ask your practitioner any questions that may be concerning to you, but most of all; Relax and Enjoy!
Is acupuncture safe?
The licensed professional acupuncturists at Best Health Option use only sterile single-use (disposable) needles. When performed by a fully trained, licensed practitioner, acupuncture is extremely safe.

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