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Frequently Asked Questions-Chinese Medicine
The History of Chinese Medicine begins at least 3,000 years ago with the myths and legends of the oral tradition. Pan Gu the folklore giant, broke the egg that was the world and gave birth to Qi, or energy.
Legend states the Fathers of Civilization FuXi, ShenNong and Huang Di established cultural leadership and medicinal strongholds, bringing to the people the I Ching and the Huang Di Nei Jing which is the theoretical foundation for Chinese medicine.
The early 17th Century saw the rise of acupuncture in Europe. France treated neurological diseases with acupuncture and Great Britain was introduced to herbs like digitalis. The railroad expansion of the early 19th Century brought acupuncture to the United States and James Reston's 1972 article in the New York Times elevated the idea from acupuncture as voodoo to a legitimate alternative to Western treatments.
In 1997 the National Institute of Health established sufficient evidence to expand the use of acupuncture into conventional medicine and encourages further studies of it's physiological and clinical value (NIH 1997)
Major medical centers like UCLA, Stanford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins have integrative clinics. 38% of US citizens utilize complimentary and alternative health options in their everyday lives.
What is Qi? (chi)
Qi is moving energy,the flow of life, the basis of Chinese medical theory. All vital substances are manifestations of Qi. There are various forms of Qi, each having specific actions and particular functions in relationship to organs. Qi is vital to the idea of Yin and Yang, which is the foundation of all phenomena and in Chinese medicine categorizes the anatomic parts and physiology, which is the basis for diagnostics and treatment.
At Best Health Option, our practitioners take care to preserve the tradition, while integrating current techniques to provide the holistic approach to health care and wellness maintenance you are seeking.