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Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT)©
BHO offers an experience with oils differently than you have had before. We carefully match the essence of the oils to acupuncture points in specific sequences to elicit a very specific energetic reaction.

We observe, ask questions & use oils to increase the benefit of the acupuncture treatment, or use as a stand alone treatment  in such a way that makes you feel emotionally, spiritually & physically lifted, open & balanced.

SNOW LOTUS Essential oils®

The single & blends offered at BHO are unadulterated artisan oils. Most Snow Lotus oils are certified organic by trusted agencies in their country of origin, as well as certified NOP organic by the USDA. The result is essential oils that are guaranteed fully potent and bioavailable when used for treatment purposes. Peter Holmes L.Ac M.H. founded Snow Lotus in response to the need for high quality, unadulterated essential oils for use in therapeutic, clinical, & easy to use home-care applications. Peter personally sources and selects the oils directly from small producers worldwide who ethically wild harvest or sustainably cultivate the plants and distill the oils in small batches - ensuring quality oils every time

AAT essential oil work provides relief with
*Muscle pain
*Digestive issues
*Hormonal issues
*Menstrual issues
*Respiratory issues
*Heat issues
*Anger, Stress & Anxiety


Our practitioners have studied & continue to study with Peter in the art of AAT; as a certified practitioner we are able to deliver thoughtful, well rounded & effective treatments. Ala carte AAT sessions are available & used as adjunct therapy in massage & Chinese body work.