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Best Health Option does not specifically contract with insurance companies so as not to restrict the discounts we can provide to anyone who comes to see us. We are seen as either "in pocket-out of network" or "out of network" 
  • When you pay us directly, you are receiving a cash "discount"
  • Package prices can be purchased
  • Seasonal discounts on treatments and products are available
Some insurance companies do cover acupuncture services in their plans, and we are happy to process those claims for you. However, we do ask that you call your insurance company and confirm that acupuncture is covered and any restrictions that apply...
  • Some companies will cover any type of acupuncture but only 12 times/year or combined treatment totals (ie acupuncture and chiro) This is similar to chiropractic coverage
  • Some companies will only cover certain issues, like low back or knee pain. They may not cover stress, fatigue, headaches, or other painful issues that you wish to be treated for
  • Some companies may require a referral from your physician prior to being seen
  • Some companies will require a copay
  • Chinese herbal formulas, oils and plasters are not covered by insurance
  • Supplements and nutraceuticals may be covered by a Health Savings Account
  • Confirm your in pocket-out of network and/or out of network deductible has been met. This is a separate deductible from your standard network deductible. This may change how your payment is processed.
If your policy is vague about coverage
  • We will charge you the discount (price list) at time of treatment and provide you with a super bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement
  • We can submit the standard process form to seek reimbursement, but you are ultimately responsible for payment if the insurance company rejects the claim
VA coverage for veterans
  • You must have pre-authorization in written form for treatment
  • 1 Authorization is typically 15 treatments in 15 weeks, although some may differ
  • We would apply for re-authorization for you for a finite total of treatments
  • Once treatment coverage is terminated, we would charge our Veterans discount pricing if you require/desire further treatments
Workmans compensation
  • Coverage is dependent on company that is providing compensation and will vary
  • Pre-authorization or referral may be required before treatments to insure full coverage
We understand the insurance process can be confusing and frustrating, and we will try to make the process as easy as possible once confirmation of coverage is determined. We ask that you provide us with your insurance information prior to treatment if possible, and bring your card so that we can file a copy with your chart.
Information required:
  • Company
  • Plan
  • Primary or secondary coverage
  • ID number or SSN
  • Birth date
PLEASE NOTE: If coverage by policy is not available, many HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS & FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS do allow payment for treatments, so please ask your insurance company!