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Kinesiology or human kinetics is the study of human movement and addresses physiological, mechanical and space mechanisms. Kinesiology taping reduces the fluid build up between the soft tissue allowing improvement of muscle function.

Developed by Dr Kenzo Kase in 1973, the Kinesio Taping™ Method can be used from the acute injury through the chronic/rehabilitation phase in combination with other therapies, including acupuncture

Kinesio Tex Tape mimics the superficial layer of the skin, designed to stretch and move with the muscle by inhibition or facilitation of the muscle which will then decrease swelling and inflammation, increase circulation and lymphatic flow and provide a gentle return to homeostasis. The polymer strand is wrapped with 100% cotton fiber which allows for evaporation and airflow and treated to resist moisture. Kinesio Tex is latex free with a heat activated acrylic adhesive. It is meant to stay on the skin during any activity, up to 5 days after treatment.

At Best Health Option we know you can't come in every day for treatment, so by using kinesio-taping as with other accessory techniques, we can extend the benefit and effectiveness of your treatment. Taping can, however, be used as a stand alone treatment but requires muscle testing and assessment.

The Kinesio-Taping™Method is used to support muscle & fascia,  tendons & ligaments as well as pathological movement patterns which simply means joint pain, tendinitis/bursitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, lymphedema, fascial adhesions and scaring

Taping with treatment $15 per muscle group  Taping as stand alone treatment $30 per muscle group