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Frequently Asked Questions-Laser Phototherapy & Acu-Laser therapy
How does laser phototherapy or acu-laser therapy work?
Phototherapy can either stimulate or inhibit a process by activating cell metabolism.  Stimulation of the immune system, blood or lymph circulation, and regeneration of tissue or bone. Inhibiting pain response by the release of endorphins or prostaglandins. The type of laser protocol used will determine if a red and/or blue laser light vs. a specific lens is utilized during treatment
Does laser phototherapy or acu-laser therapy hurt?
No. When used alone, phototherapy does not hurt. If used in combination with needles,  you may have a tingling sensation or feel a heaviness that can occur with qi movement. However you may experience discomfort 6-24 hours after treatment which is a sign that the healing process has begun, similar to an acupuncture treatment when stimulation has been used
What can be treated with laser phototherapy?
*acne*arthritis*carpel tunnel syndrome*shingles*ulcers/wounds*lymphedema*nerve damage* stress injuries and tendonitis*TMJ*Tinnitus*wrinkles and general pain and discomfort
What can be treated with acu-laser therapy?
Like acupuncture, acu-laser therapy with or without needles, will be treated according to the Chinese pattern that is diagnosed by your practitioner.  A specific treatment will be determined and a special lens will be utilized to focus on both a general area as well as a specific acupuncture point or channel.  Acu-laser therapy is performed without a red or blue light due to the special lens that is used on the laser device
How long does a treatment take?
45 minutes to an hour. Your practitioner will ask you the same questions as she would before an acupuncture treatment. Laser therapy will last 20-30 minutes depending on the area treated. Treatments, like acupuncture are cumulative, so 5-10 treatments may be needed if your issue is chronic, perhaps less if needles are used in conjunction with phototherapy. For severe or chronic pain 3 treatments within in a week will be necessary, with follow up treatments to be determined. 
Are there any side effects?
Treatment for chronic issues may result in discomfort or pain for a short period of time after treatment which is common as the condition changes to an acute phase which is a sign of healing, similar to acupuncture
What can I expect after a treatment?
Many people feel relaxed after phototherapy, some people may feel immediate relief. Others may feel no difference, but that does not mean the therapy is not working
Are there any safety considerations?
Phototherapy is very safe. It does not cause, or exacerbate cancer, and can be used as a treatment modality for cancer but should be done by a specialist in cancer treatment. Best Health Option will not laser a diagnosed area of  cancer or a suspicious area of the skin.  It does not harm a fetus or any vital organ, but Best Health Option will not laser a pregnant abdomen or an area that has a pacemaker or defibrillator. Facial treatments with phototherapy are very effective, but we will not laser the area surrounding the eye. Goggles are not generally needed for phototherapy or acu-laser therapy, but will be offered to you for your comfort.
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