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Lasers (Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation) are utilized every day, we just don't think about it as a healing process
Bar coding at the store and blue ray DVD's  are examples of  laser technology. Surgical grade lasers are used for surgical procedures, dentistry and  tattoo removal.
 Radiation in this text is defined as heat or light emission, NOT radiation that is used in the hospital or clinic like an x-ray
Lasers used in Acupuncture clinics are considered low level or cold lasers that unlike surgical grade lasers, do not produce heat so there is no risk for burns or skin damage. There are no sounds or vibrations emitted but a photochemical reaction occurs  in the cell  which stimulates production of  ATP, or energy. This is called photobiology, or laser  phototherapy. The production of energy whether by laser or acupuncture leads to the same result: decreased inflammation and pain relief
Unlike other acupuncture clinics, Best Health Option uses a super pulsed laser (right image) that allows for deeper penetration to a specific area as well as a larger surface area to provide longevity of treatment and effect. Super pulsing promotes a quick and deeper absorption without allowing the body to adapt to the effects of the laser like continuous single wave length lasers often used in acupuncture clinics
There are many benefits to laser therapy. For those who are interested in acupuncture, but afraid or hesitant about using needles, acu-laser therapy (laser targets specific acupuncture points) is an option. Special lenses are utilized to direct the laser at specific acupuncture points 
body acupunctureauricular (ear) therpy
auricular/ear (left) and acupuncture (right) lenses/probes
For those that use acupuncture but can not be stimulated (electrical stimulation directly on the needle) because of implants, acu- laser therapy can be used in conjunction with needles for a more intense prolonged effect. 
Laser phototherapy (laser only treatments with red and/or blue light) will focus on larger areas of concern using protocols for both superficial pain modification as well as moderate to severe pain & injury 
Acu-laser therapy has been shown to be effective on many levels:  *stimulates collagen production *regenerates cells *decreases inflammation *reduces pain & spasm *increases lymphatic flow & decreases edema *aids in wound healing & bone regeneration
For more information on acu-laser therapy or laser phototherapy, please see our 
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