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Welcome Kathryn Hill & Wholesome Junction to the BHO space!                                             ______________________________

We are so lucky to have met Kathy Hill, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Light Healer & Life Coach! An Independent Practitioner, Kathy has office space at BHO & started to see patients officially Sept 1, 2016

Kathryn Hill - Owner of Wholesome Junction

Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified Light Healer 

I am first and foremost the wife of Joachim Hill, my husband of 34 years and mother to our four daughters Liz, Jo, Krysta, Zenita and our son, Courwyn. My family is my grounding force and they are my foremost teachers of love and acceptance. I am grateful for each member of my family as they remind me every day what is important in my life.   

 I met Stephanie Best, owner of Best Health Option, in 2014. I had given a talk at a Milwaukee Lupus support group and one of the women at the seminar scheduled a couple of sessions with me. I worked on her and soon after Stephanie called me. It turns out that the person I had worked on was one of her patients. Stephanie told me that she was impressed by the deep emotional release her client had and asked if I would be willing to come to her office give her and her partners a demonstration. I was happy to oblige.  

In the weeks that followed I did a session on Stephanie (she never recommends what she hasn't had done) and her dog, Heiko.

Stephanie and I soon began to collaborate on clients. When she had a client that needed a deep emotional release she would insert the acupuncture needles (to open the client to healing), and I would do an Emotion Code session on them, often releasing them from the plateau and propelling their healing forward.

I was thrilled when Stephanie invited me to share an office with her and Nicole. The Emotion Code was a gift to me from the Universe and the beauty of energy healing work is that it works in conjunction with the treatment you get from your doctor or acupuncturist!  It clears the energy so that the work you do with other practitioners becomes more effective.   If you would like to learn more about my work and the Emotion Code, please visit my website