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Stephanie Best RN MS

Stephanie has always been a healer. A nurse with 30 years of experience in cardiology & post anesthesia care, Stephanie has spent most of her time in Critical Care. She received her undergraduate degree for nursing at Cardinal Stritch University & post graduate work at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine for Nutrition as well as Acupuncture. Stephanie's internship at a Community Clinic in Racine focused on Eastern medicine in a Western world while a secondary internship in Guangdong Providence, China at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine enriched the way she practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Stephanie respects the classical diagnostic skill & techniques of TCM while incorporating new technology & adjuncts to promote an individualized treatment that offers progressive long lasting effects. Dedicated to learning Stephanie travels for continuing education, bringing back information & skills that she can apply immediately into practice. The goal is always  support the workings of TCM in the modern world, linking East & West for the best response to treatment. Her experience in both Eastern & Western medicine provides a unique view to identify the root of the problem while treating the branch of symptoms that  bring you to her door.

"They have many types of treatments at their disposal to customize my treatment each visit based on my needs. They truly are the Best Health Option!"

-google review

" just started the acupuncture and she has saved my life......I can't thank her enough for giving me peace back in my life. I haven't felt this good for a decade. Thank you again I wish I knew about this when all this started"

-google review​

"practitioners take time to ask questions, listen carefully...and carefully proceed to provide each patient with focused healing"

-facebook review

Great way to relax & find your inner health

-facebook review

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