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Woman's Health & Fertility

Response to pain is related to the limbic system

Response to stress is as emotional as it is physical

Pain & stress are directly related to gynecological issues

Painful cycles. PMS, cramping, clotting, GI upset, headaches -all considered part of the process- is not how Traditional Chinese Medicine views a "normal" cycle. There are specific reasons these symptoms manifest;  acupuncture, its adjuncts & herbal formulas along with nutritional health balance hormones, reduce your body's inflammatory & stress responses, regulates & promotes gynecological health. 

Perimenopause, menopause & post menopause can be a painful, emotionally exhaustive rollercoaster. Mood changes, weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes/night sweats, headaches, vertigo, vaginal dryness, cognitive changes,  anxiety & depression may be experienced in any stage. Fibromyalgia symptoms mimic perimenopause indicators, intensifying when progesterone & estrogen levels are low, with myalgia pain being chronic in postmenopausal women. 

Looking through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine these symptoms identify a pattern & it is that pattern that is treated. Regulating the liver, invigorating the spleen while nourishing your essence are provided during an acupuncture/adjunct treatment yet specific to your pattern & needs.


The decision to start a family can be a stressful one, difficulty conceiving from a female & male perspective is daunting, emotional, exhausting. At BHO, acupuncture, its adjuncts, along with herbal medicine benefit the spectrum of fertility & successful pregnancy. BHO works with your timeline in that spectrum, establishing a plan of care for each phase of your fertility journey. Nutrition, balance & stress relief whether via family planning or ART, working along side your OB, Reproductive Endocrinologist or CNM - acupuncture/massage/footwork/stimulation - helps your body create the environment for healthy implant, pregnancy, delivery & post partum care. Whether your fertility issue is "unexplained" or has a diagnosis

treating the pattern that we see - patient focused & individualized- optimizing the treatment from your physician.

As our protocols enhance Western methods (from both perspectives), we also provide emotional support, educational support & nutritional support  encouraging proactive decision-making that will decrease your stress in whatever stage of the fertility journey

Our goal is to meet your goal-a healthy viable pregnancy.

Fertility Consultation & protocol with plan of care specific to individual pattern diagnosis and allopathic treatment

support & care: miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss

cycle regulation & optimizing ovulation

promotes follicle growth & sperm health

optimal implantation success

mitigates risk of ovarian hyperstimulation

aides nausea, fatigue, insomnia, body aches & changes that occur during pregnancy

aides breech presentation & labor transition

post partum support & lactation

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